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  1. Kastelen

    Visit Stockholm

    Stockholm is known as the capital of Scandinavia, and is situated where Lake Mälaren meets the open sea. It’s often said that Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city, but where you'll find a small town charm around the corner. Stockholm is one of the world's most beautiful cities built on 14 islands surrounded by water so clean that you can swim in the city center.

  2. Kastelen

    Åkerby Herrgård

  3. Kastelen

    Åkeshof Slott

  4. Kastelen

    Alstrums Herrgårds Rum & Frukost 

  5. Kastelen

    Apertin Herrgård Hotell & Konferens AB 

  6. Kastelen

    Aspa Herrgård

  7. Kastelen

    Bäcka Herrgård

  8. Kastelen

    Bäckaskogs Slott