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Sweden, or Kingdom of Sweden is Europe's third largest country in area but the population of about 9.2 million is relatively small. Sweden's history, however, is much greater. Around the year 1200 f.kr it is usually said that the Swedish history started. People from diverse cultural backgrounds lived in the country that eventually would become known as Sweden. The most famous group was the Vikings, who ravaged northern Europe around the year 793 and tried a Nordic expansion. It was not until the year 1523 when Sweden officially became a kingdom, when King Gustav Vasa liberated Sweden from the Kalmar Union that concluded with Norway and Denmark.

Today there are numerous historical museums and sites across Sweden that you absolutely shouldn’t miss during your visit. As an example, the Vasa Museum (link), the Royal Palace and the city wall around the island of Gotland.

The Swedish landscape is very different depending on which part of Sweden you visit. In the northern parts covered large endless pine forests, with lakes and fields. There are places in the summer where the sun never sets, but the same places can during the winter have up to minus 40 degrees (-40C) The middle part of Sweden is the most populated, and especially around the capital Stockholm, which has over 2 million people in their surrounding municipalities. Stockholm has 1.000 and 1.000 of different amazing places that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. Why not visit the old town, or a cruise on one of the world's largest and most beautiful archipelagos. Southern Sweden is more multicultural and for example in Malmö, there are people from over 165 different nationalities. Here’s the landscape relatively flat and you can see over miles of large pastures and green groves.

Usually in the surveys Sweden is ranked as one of the best countries in the world with a good economy. Large companies such as IKEA, Volvo and H & M has put Sweden on the world map as an entrepreneurial society. Sweden has also given birth to some of the world's greatest artists such as ABBA, Roxette and Ace of Base. Some famous athletes that also come from Sweden are, Björn Borg, Ingmar Stenmark, Anja Pärsson and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sweden's most famous and most written about family must still be King Carl XVI Gustav with Queen Silvia, Princesses Victoria and Madeleine and Prince Carl Philip. If you want to get a glimpse of someone from the royal family, it is the safest cards to bet on any of the surrounding castles. Stockholm-, Drottningholm and Haga Palace. Or why not their summer residence on the island of Öland, called Solliden.

It’s easy to get around in Sweden and discover all amazing things, so you can always rent a car (link to type avis.se). If you want to be a bit more environmentally friendly, you can go with our well developed railway system, which takes you from Malmö in the south until Juukasjärvi in the north. Or why not with one of all the bus companies, which also runs over Sweden. The easiest way to get to our long country, is probably by plane (SAS) boat (Silja Line) or over the approximately 1, 6 mil-long Oresund Bridge in the South.

Below are some interesting facts about Sweden.

Name: Kingdom of Sweden
Area: 450 295 km2
Population: 9.2 Million
Capital: Stockholm
Language: Swedish (English)
Region: 21 Counties
Largest lake: Vänern
Mountain: Kebnekaise 2.111 m
Currency: Swedish krona
National Day: June 6

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