Frank Bistro

In every town there must be an oasis with good food, nice atmosphere, relaxed vibe, soft music and a truly great time. In Västerås this place is called Frank.

Frank is a small cozy bistro in the center of Västerås and the menu is changed from day to day on the black board, all in accordance with what fresh commodities the chefs get their hands on.

The bistro only offers room for 40 guests so it´s a good idea to book in advance. Tuesday - Friday you can reserve a table but Saturdays are drop in only. All this for the bistro to maintain its spot as the natural place to meet - avoiding months of not getting a reservation.

We cook what we would appreciate to eat at a restaurant. Always with wonderful, fresh commodities that are turned into classical meals or more modern interpretations, all from the Mälardalen pantry.

The word of Frank has reached outside of the city limit and the mysterious cigar smoking gentleman has become the icing on the cake for not only the people of Västerås. The taste sensations and the memorable visits are starting to become a tourist attraction... There´s only one conclusion: Frank rules

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