Texas Longhorn

Our food origins in Texas, USA. Our menu is packed with delights where the base is charcoal grilled meatdishes that are seasoned with our Texas Longhorn Steaksauce. Our open kitchen with the grill in the center is the most important feature. We always serve our beers and margaritas in frozen mugs and glasses, this is very appreciated with out customers. Our plates are always filled to the max and our sole aim is to make sure our customers aren´t hungry when they leave and that they´re satisfied.

Texas Longhorn stands for quality, both when it comes to Swedish dry aged meat - grilled to perfection on imported mesquite wood and genuine Texan Margaritas, made from freshly squeezed limejuice.

When seated, you will get to taste our products, Texas Smokehouse steak sauce, barbecue oil, homefried nachochips with our wonderful guacamole. The Texan will argue Texas is as close to heaven on earth you can get and at Texas Longhorn you´re as close to Texas as you can be in Sweden.

Welcome to Texas!

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