In the Waterfront Building the odd host couple the Griffins have opened the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire. We welcome you into a home with an atmosphere that is all about the good in life and the unexplainable we experience. Now the doors have finally opened. Behind the buildings hard and angular facade, another world opens up. An intimate feeling of being at home runs through the Griffins' Steakhouse Extraordinaire - where the chemist Griffins and his younger and very beautiful wife is to thank for the vibe of the place. The restaurant is designed by the well-known storytelling- and design company Stylt Trampoli.

The restaurant is well worth a visit for many reasons. In the kitchen you will find star chefs like Karl Ljung and Christian Hellberg, who stresses that this is not a story of a fancy establishment.

- Here you will find main courses for just over 100sek and you are equally welcome for a snack and a drink as you are for a 3 course dinner, Chef Christian Hellberg points out.

The restaurant opens early lunch and closes late night. For more info and reservations: www.griffinssteakhouse.se

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